Marus Dinner Specials

Let us warm your tummy this Fall with our specials listed below. Planning your next holiday event? Maru’s Kitchen can help you develop just the right menu for all your catering needs.
This year, make your Holiday Party one to remember by letting Maru’s Kitchen handle the cooking.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Order a minimum of seven days in advance call us for same day availability.
Pricing & Servings: •  (9-12) people $149.99 • (15-20) people $229.99

Choose a style and call to order today: (510) 969-0421

1). Rico Style

• Arroz Con Gandules, (Puerto Rican pigeon pea rice)
• Pernil, (oven roast pork shoulder)
• Your choice of Ensalada (green salad ) or Bianda, (boiled root vegetables)
• Your choice of Platano Maduro (ripe plantain) Or Tostone (fried green plantain)

2). Tico Style

• Arroz Con Pollo, (Costa Rican style rice with chicken, carrots and peas)

Mano de Piedra (Costa Rican style beef roast)

• Frijoles negros refritos (refried black bean)

• Ensalada (green salad)

• Your choice of Platano Maduro (ripe plantain) Or Tostone (fried green plantain)

3). Marus, A Latin Taste of Home Special

*Includes white rice

Choose Meat: Pollo Guisado (chicken stewed with carrots and potatoes), Carne Guisada (beef stewed with carrots and potatoes) Chuletas Guisada (pork chops sautéed in onions), Cosillitas De Duerco Con Garbanzo (pork ribs stewed with garbanzos)

Choose Beans: Frijoles Negros (Ticoss style black beans) or Habichuelas Guisadas (Ricos style pinto Beans)

Choose Vegetables or Salad: Steamed Vegetables or Boiled Root Vegetables/ Green salad, Caesar salad or Macaroni Salad

Choose Side: Platano Maduro (sweet fried plantain), Tostones (green fried plantain), or Yucca Frita (cassava fries)

4). Maru Pasta Special

• Choice of Lasagna, Meat lover spaghetti, or Chicken spaghetti
served with garlic bread
• Steamed vegetables
• Cesar Salad
• A Dessert

Free Delivery. (local east bay area only)