Maru’s Kitchen is a family oriented business. Maru’s brings authenticity and culture to the table with every dish. Each order is prepared with our individual clients in mind and always done with nothing less than tender loving care.


Maria Sosa was born in the tropical paradise known as Costa Rica and is lovingly known by others as “Maru”. She has a long standing passion of cooking for over 35 years. Whether she is prepping, cooking, or serving a dish, it is always done with enthusiasm with her family, friends, and customers in mind.

Her culinary influence comes from a mixture of her deep Spanish roots, including those from her original hometown of Costa Rica and those from her children’s Puerto Rican ancestry. With the combination of those two wonderful ties, Maru has incorporated an unforgettable savory blend of seasonings over the years that will have you thinking this is unlike anything I’ve tasted before, and wanting to come back for more!